Women's Financial Inclusion Community of Practice

Globally, 2 billion people remain unbanked and women lag behind men in terms of access to formal accounts, credit and savings products. The Community of Practice on Women’s Financial Inclusion (COP) provides CGAP facilitated platforms to share experiences, identify key challenges, document and discuss emerging good practices, and solve common problems associated with increasing equitable access to and use of a broad range of financial services.

Our members include researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and donors around the world working on financial inclusion in promoting economic empowerment for women.

The COP’s steering committee consists of a core group of “champions” who guide our goals and strategy, outlined in our charter. Champions also help to implement an overarching work plan of the COP. Working Groups convene by theme and determine how to address knowledge gaps, as well as enhance collaboration among members in assigned themes. The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) facilitates the community of practice.

Read this primer to get answers to frequently asked questions, and learn more about all the different ways that you can engage with our COP. We look forward to your participation!

Rosita Najmi
Meet Rosita Najmi

Meet Rosita Najmi is member of our Champions. Based out of Washington, DC, Rosita joined the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2015 to advance digital financial services for the poor and has led investments on regtech, de-risking of cross-border payments, US government engagement, and advocacy for women’s financial inclusion and economic empowerment, among other areas. Rosita served on the team that developed the strategy for the foundation’s women’s economic empowerment body of work.

WFI COP Annual Meeting

This gathering of the WFI COP is designed to update members on the status and activities of the COP, Promote learning around new and innovative practices and solutions to increase women’s financial inclusion, and update Working Group strategic priorities, plans and activities.

Twitter Logo

In addition to our LinkedIn Group, the COP recently launched a Twitter account to keep our members informed about upcoming webinars, events and publications. Please follow us @WFIChampions.

USAID Dashboard

The newly launched WE3 Dashboard uses over seventy publicly-available indicators to focus on five priority or pillar areas. Financial inclusion practitioners can use it to get quick data insights to steer their programming. 

Cenfri Report Cover

This paper, produced by cenfri in partnership with Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC), explores the effectiveness of various behavioural interventions that could reasonably be applied by financial services providers. It first examines the evidence on interventions that influence savings, credit, payments and insurance decisions by all adults. It then focuses specifically on interventions that show promise to improve service delivery for women.

Financial Inclusion Insights logo

InterMedia, has just released the 2017 FII data for 7 developing countries. In addition to tracking trends in access, registered, active, and advanced users, the latest round of FII data also includes findings from new indicators on women’s economic empowerment, financial health and digital credit.