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Field Staff Digitalization - A Decade of Key Lessons Learned in Microfinance

Sharing insights from the process of helping MFIs digitalize their field operations

Global Microscope 2019

The enabling environment for financial inclusion

Improving Operational Efficiency of MFIs Through Tablet Banking

A guide for MFIs on how they can adopt digitization

Harnessing the Power of Mobile Money to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Exploring ways in which mobile money contributes to the digitalization of finance

Financial Inclusion Report 2018

Report with financial inclusion data from Colombia as of December 2018

Risk-Based Customer Due Diligence: Regulatory Approaches

Weighing the pros and cons of risk-based approaches to customer due diligence
Case study

A Client Needs-Centred Approach to Financial Inclusion Measurement

Understanding how and why customers use different types of financial services

Digital Financial Services Measurement Framework

A set of digital payments indicators serving as a platform to generate further discussion