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S-Commerce Landscape - Bangladesh

Key findings from a study conducted by pi STRATEGY in partnership with CGAP investigating the gender gap in digital financial services in Bangladesh. 


The Power of Mobile to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Pakistan

A look at the increasingly important role of mobile technology in digital financial services

The Financial Inclusion Compass 2019

Digital transformation of FSPs, client protection, client-side technology innovations and agri-finance emerged as among the most significant trends identified by a broad array of sector stakeholders.


The Role of a Market Organizer in Advancing Financial Inclusion

Developing new pathways to catalyze inclusive growth

Digital Financial Services in Nigeria: State of the Market Report 2019

In-depth exploration of consumer profiles, the gender gap, and a review of DFS policy landscape

Fair Play: Ensuring Competition in Digital Financial Services

Providing guidance to financial sector regulators for identifying anti-competitive behavior
Case study

In Post We Trust

Role of the Post in expanding access to digital finance

PoWER Assessment of Women’s Economic Empowerment in The Gambia

This document presents the final analysis of data collected through desk research, interviews, focus group discussions, and surveys on women and girls’ financial inclusion in The Gambia.


Digital Credit Audit Report

Evaluating the conduct and practice of digital lending in Kenya

A Tale of Two Sisters: Microfinance Institutions and PAYGo Solar

Insights into the future of partnerships of microfinance institutions