A Systemic Approach to Financial Inclusion: eLearning for Funders and Implementers

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01 Oct 2018 - 30 Nov 2018
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This free, self-paced course helps funder staff and implementers better understand financial inclusion and teaches them how the systemic approach can help them make financial services markets more inclusive.

Target Audience: 

  • Financial inclusion specialists: Start with module 2 to uncover how the systemic approach can help you improve your impact. Quickly skim through module 1 to review the latest research and trends.
  • Program managers new to financial inclusion: Module 1 will get you up and running. Module 2 will help you understand the way we assess markets and design and monitor programs.
  • Country directors: Learn about financial inclusion (module 1) and how to assess your market and local partners (module 2).

Questions Addressed in This Course:

Module 1: Financial Inclusion (2 hours)

  • What is financial inclusion?
  • Why does it matter? How does it advance the SDGs?
  • What are the financial needs of poor people? Focus on smallholders, forcibly displaced populations, youth, women.
  • How is the financial system structured?
  • What are digital financial services?
  • How much funding is committed to financial inclusion?

Module 2: The Systemic Approach (1 hour)

  • Why are financial services providers not adequately serving low-income people?
  • How can I support markets that are more inclusive?
  • How should I assess markets, to get to the root causes of the problems?
  • How should I design and monitor programs to facilitate long-lasting change?
  • Where can I find tools to implement this approach?

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