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Empowerment Begins With Identity

Opening a bank account in many countries is a cumbersome process requiring official documents that women often don't have. Digital ID systems can make this process more accessible and help enable women’s financial inclusion. 
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On the Way to Reducing the Gender Gap in Latin America

What National Financial Inclusion Strategies have accomplished so far in the region, and what more needs to be done
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Women's Financial Inclusion: The Smart Thing To Do

To pick up the pace of change, we need more pragmatic actions from all stakeholders. This blog post shares key takeaways from two recent events by FinEquity and Women's World Banking.
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Can Financial Inclusion Help Reverse Women’s Inequality in Jordan?

Women’s entrepreneurship is on the rise globally, though it still lags behind men’s in most countries. The challenge is how to get female businesses out of a survivalist mode and onto a pathway of growth. 
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What Would People Say?

Women entrepreneurs or those taking on a new career path in Turkey often hear this phrase from society, discouraging them from taking on less traditional roles. But now organizations in the country are working to unpack and overcome the insidious effects of gender-based social norms on women’s financial health.
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Can You Use Digital Finance If You Can’t Read?

Access to a mobile phone is not enough. The BOMA Project works to overcome illiteracy and innumeracy to bring digital financial services to women living in extreme poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.
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Digitize, Direct, Design (D3): Can These Three Principles Help Close the Gender Gap?

To realize the potential gains of financial inclusion, more intentional efforts are needed to close persistent gender gaps. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has developed three core principles for advancing women’s financial inclusion and economic empowerment.
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How Many Years Will it Take to Close the Gender Gap?

How do social norms shape women’s behavior and how do they impact economic outcomes? Take this quiz to test your knowledge about the link between social norms and women’s financial inclusion.
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The Gender Gap is Wide. Which FinTechs Are Working to Narrow It?

A new Female-Focused Fintech Prize aims to connect and bring attention to fintech products working for women.
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Why Do Practitioners Value FinEquity?

In honor of International Women’s Day, FinDev Gateway features FinEquity (formerly known as the Women’s Financial Inclusion Community of Practice), a special corner of FinDev where practitioners working to increase women’s financial inclusion can share ideas, resources and lessons learned. Uloma Ogba of UNCDF tells us what she values about this community of practice.